Who we are ?     Last Exit – record label, music publishing and concert promoter – focuses on artistic development. In the ever-changing music industry, our priorities lie first and foremost with the quality of our artists - considering music as an art not just as a business. Last Exit gives as much importance to the audience’s expectations as to artists’ needs: from studio recording to live performances on stage. Our artists have proved their ability to outshine the local scene and are now attracting national and international attention thanks to their outstanding rock, electronic and trip-hop albums. We try to keep a certain balance of label and artists working together with the not-so-utopian idea that we can still make very good music available to everyone.

What we do ?


Our main job is to pitch songs on Tv shows, movies, ads, videogame, trailer, website. We are working with some of the best international campanies in Europe and USA for this purpose. We register songs of our artists, and collect the performing and mechanicals royalty in the world. Our main quality is responsiveness and flexibility to provide records. If necessary, our studio recording is ready to remixe or work on composition on demand with the same requirement level that has our catalog.


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LAST EXIT - Record & Publishing label